The Dos and Don’ts of toenail fungus treatments

Waking up to see your toenails covered with fungus is not the prettiest sight in the world. Also known as onychomycosis, the fungal infection of your nails and the surrounding skin change your appearance completely.

Slowly, but steadily, your feet develop a red complexion, the skin on your toes shreds in fragile pellicles, and you suffer from a constant itch. To top it all off, your nails go from white to yellow, then brown and eventually turn black before falling off.

Onychomycosis is not a medical condition that you should take on lightly. Ignoring it or treating it improperly may lead to severe health problems. Here are the dos and don’ts to toenail fungus treatments that you should know before curing your fungal infection:

What to do when fungus first appears

The first symptoms of toenail fungus include:

  • Depigmentation of your nails
  • Redness developing on the surrounding skin
  • Constant burning sensation
  • Itchy feet
  • Moist skin texture
  • Thick, hard-to-cut nails

When you develop any of these signs, it is time to take action against onychomycosis. Invest in a highly effective cure for fungal infections like ZetaClear. This natural remedy prevents the fungi from expanding their damaging effect and clears bacteria from your feet. Daily use restores the natural color of your nails and offers a soothing relief for the constant itch.

Don’t follow old-time remedies

Some ill-advised patients try to cure toenail fungus by using old-time remedies. Homemade treatments like vinegar baths, salt rubs, and tea tree oil dip only alleviate the burning sensation. Their anti-inflammatory action is limited, and they lack the necessary antioxidants and vitamins needed by your body to get rid of the infection.

A much safer and efficient way of treating onychomycosis is the consistent use of ZetaClear. The unique combination of oral spray and topical solution heals the infected area both externally and from the within. More than that, they prevent the fungi from entering your blood after penetrating the fragile layers of skin underneath your nail bed.

Keep your treatment close

You can never know when onychomycosis strikes. You could be on vacation, at the gym or work. All it takes is walking barefoot on a damp or dirty carpet for the fungi to attack your toenails. If you do not act quickly to stop the infection, the fungus will advance at a considerable speed and ruin the health of your entire foot.

A good rule of thumb is keeping a pack of ZetaClear with you at all times. This remedy has a rapid healing action that kills fungi from the first application. Also, the small packaging in which both the spray and the topical solution are delivered makes it convenient to carry it around in your luggage, gym bag or the dashboard of your car.

Keeping a set of healthy toenails requires constant attention and care. Try to shower often and change socks every day. Avoid wearing the same shoes for years in a row, and make ZetaClear a permanent presence in your medicine cabinet or your travel bag.