How it works

Find out how to cure toenail fungus with this powerful treatment for onychomycosis! Discover how long it takes to get rid of a fungal infection and how ZetaClear works to treat the fungi from your nails.

How to use ZetaClear Oral Spray

To cure toenail fungus permanently, you need to fight the disease both internally and externally. The ZetaClear Oral Spray treats fungal infections by nourishing the body and healing the wound from the inside. Daily applications prevent the fungi from expanding and causing further damage to your feet.

To use ZetaClear Oral Spray is very simple: place the container under your tongue and spray a single puff of the highly nourishing solution. Repeat this practice three times per day to improve your health and increase your immunity against fungal infections.

Unique anti-inflammatory properties

Onychomycosis is a bacterial infection that works its way deep into your skin tissue. To treat it properly you need to do more than just restore your nails to their natural color. You also have to cure the infected layers of skin that are not visible to the human eye. This is where ZetaClear Oral Spray steps in to reduce the damage produced by the infection with its unique anti-inflammatory properties.

How to apply ZetaClear solution for infected toenails

The worst thing about toenail fungus is undoubtedly the way it transforms your feet. Red toes, shredded skin, and yellow toenails are the first signs that you are suffering from onychomycosis. In most cases, the infection also produces a foul smell and a constant burning sensation.

You can easily get rid of all the symptoms of toenail fungus if you know how ZetaClear works and how to apply the topical solution.

As soon as you notice the infection, dip the applicator brush that comes with the package in the lotion, and then apply it all over the affected area. You may also use cotton swabs if you happen to misplace the brush, but make sure to throw them away after each application.

Nail components and ZetaClear action

A soothing relief from the fungus itches

Toenail fungus has been around for centuries. In the past, people used to cure this ailment with natural ingredients obtained from organic sources. The ZetaClear topical solution stays true to this traditional and efficient way of treating onychomycosis.

In its composition, you will find potent herbal essences, and oils that relief the burning sensation and restore your nails to their original state. Daily use ensures that your condition improves in at least 90 days of treatment, while some more advanced stages of the infection require a few extra weeks to be cured completely.

Medical advice on how it works

ZetaClear has no side effects for your health. Its unique blend of natural ingredients acts as a natural ally with curative properties for your body. Nevertheless, the doctors who endorse this cure for onychomycosis recommend that you do not use it for small children under eight years of age.

Also, before using the topical solution make sure that your toes do not present cuts, wounds or eczemas originated from other causes.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should seek medical advice before using this natural treatment for toenail fungus to ensure that ZetaClear ingredients do not interact negatively with the specific medication that they normally use.