How fungal infections are reducing the quality of life

Nail fungus, or medically called onychomycosis, is more than a merely cosmetic problem. Apart from changes in appearance and color of the nails, it can cause discomfort and sometimes even pain or pressure sensations, especially when you do activities such as walking or exercise.

Toenail fungus

What do studies say?

A study involving 258 patients who have nail fungus proves that onychomycosis has a powerful effect on their quality of life. The results were:

  • 76% claimed they have nail trimming problems
  • 74% were embarrassed by the appearance of their nails
  • 48% reported pain
  • 40% felt nail pressure
  • 38% had a significant discomfort while wearing shoes

Almost a third of the patients involved in the study said they were “limited in work” due to nail fungus. Also, the study participants claimed they took 58 sick days because of the toenail fungus, and they made 468 medical visits in six months.

One-fifth of the sufferers said they avoided social activities because of this conditions and the embarrassment they experienced.

What is the best approach for nail fungus?

You need to consider all the factors that influence the growth of fungus in your nails and take care of it. Here’s what you can do:

  • Know the risk factors: some factors can significantly increase your chances of getting onychomycosis. Some of these factors include:
    1. poor blood circulation, secondary to medical conditions such as diabetes
    2. nail trauma – they create entry points for fungi and help them spread
    3. exposure to the germs – if you come in contact to other people who also have the condition or if you have a habit of walking barefoot in public places such as the gym, swimming pools or locker rooms
    4. genetic predisposition
    5. weak immune system – your body can’t effectively fight infections, and therefore it can’t kill the fungi
  • Adopt adequate hygiene methods: if you want to prevent it successfully, you need to clean your feet and hands rigorously. Since fungi thrive in a dump and warm environments, make sure your feet and hands are always dry. Keep your nails short, clean and avoid wearing dirty socks or share clothing items or towels, especially with people who already have onychomycosis. The fungi are organisms that spread extremely easy.
  • Properly treat it: if you notice the first signs and symptoms of nail fungus, you need to start treating it immediately. Your symptoms can get worse, and it can spread to other nails. The best topical treatments offer excellent nail penetration. ZetaClear treatment for instance, through the power of essential oils and other natural ingredients, kills the fungi efficiently and fast and also promotes nail regeneration.

Onychomycosis is a condition that can be prevented through proper hygiene and proper treatment. It has significant social and psychological effects and reduces the quality of life via social stigma and disrupts you from your daily activities. It’s the type of condition that you would want to prevent rather than cure it, so take all the necessary measure to make sure you avoid any fungal infection of your nails.