ZetaClear – your best antifungal solution for the nails

Treat fungal infections on your fingers and toenails with the best cure for onychomycosis on the market. Get instant relief from the itching sensation and restore the natural color of your nails with an all-natural remedy for toenail fungus. It only takes a few weeks to stop the infection from spreading and regain the full health of your feet.

Medically proven treatment for clear nails and healthy feet

Years of medical research have produced the most efficient cure for nail fungus you can find today. Clinical tests performed on ZetaClear users have revealed these fantastic results:

  • 94% of users experienced a soothing relief from itching*
  • 68% of them noticed an improvement in the first week of daily use*
  • 72% of consumers saw a healing effect on their shredded skin in the first two weeks*
  • 85% of users regained natural color of their nails in less than a month*
  • 91% of them did not experience another infection in the next two years that followed the treatment*
  • 97% of consumers got rid of toenail fungus in less than three months*

*These figures represent the average results of tests performed on a substantial number of subjects who underwent a lengthy and constant treatment with ZetaClear. Results may vary from one person to another, depending on age, lifestyle, medical history, and genetic heritage.

The ZetaClear Combo Killer of nail fungus

Unlike most of the nail fungus treatments available on the market, ZetaClear uses a revolutionary combo of two products to treat onychomycosis quickly and safely. By using the oral spray and the topical solution on a daily basis, you can remove the fungal infection with minimal effort and without experiencing any side effects.

The ZetaClear Oral Spray

Who thought you could clear the fungus on your nails with an oral spray?

Well, the medical researchers that developed ZetaClear did, and they were right in doing so. A daily puff of this potent blend of nutritious compounds and antioxidants cures your infection from within.

The oral spray produced by ZetaClear prevents the fungus from entering deeper into your skin and potentially infecting your blood. In combination with the vitamins found in the topical solution, this remedy produces an anti-inflammatory effect that kills fungi at a higher rate than any other treatments.

The Topical Solution from ZetaClear

Powerful potions come in small bottles - the spot-on description of the topical solution for nail fungus from ZetaClear. This lotion is a healthy blend of herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals that have the power to cure onychomycosis permanently.

Use the applicator brush to spread it on the infected area and obtain a soothing relief from the burning sensation. Daily use restores the nail’s natural color and treats the shredded skin around it. In combination with the oral spray, the topical solution acts as a quick treatment for fungal infections free of any side effects.

What fungal infections do to your feet

Many people do not realize they have onychomycosis before it’s too late. Some choose to ignore it, hoping it will go away on its own. Others panic and spend a fortune on doctor appointments, medical exams, and expensive treatments. With ZetaClear you have a better and safer alternative, and it will cost you next to nothing to cure your fungus infected toenails.

How nail fungus looks like

When fungi infect your fingers or your toes, it settles on and around your nails. The harmful bacteria slowly, but steadily eat their way into the nail bed, which becomes a thin and flimsy pellicle. Next, your nail changes colors from natural white to yellow, to brown and eventually to black.

If left untreated, onychomycosis can make your nails fall off permanently.

The skin around the infected nails is also affected by the fungi as it develops a moist and shredded texture. At this point, you need a highly nourishing remedy that protects the skin cells from the invading bacteria. ZetaClear uses a unique mix of natural nutrients and vitamins to stop the advancing infection and sustain a rapid reconstruction of the epidermis.

How fungus gets on your nails

Fungi are small particles that are present everywhere in the air. Most of them are harmless, but in damp and humid conditions they transform into potentially damaging bacteria. You can get toenail fungus from shower floors, dirty carpets, worn out footwear and even from the socks and shoes of a person that carries the infection.

In over 97% of the cases, patients have cured their condition in less than three months by using the combo treatment on a daily basis.

Without an effective cure for toenail fungus like ZetaClear, it is challenging to get rid of onychomycosis. This all-natural remedy for fungal infections restores your nails with their original color and treats the damaged skin in record time.

How ZetaClear cures onychomycosis

The ideal treatment for nail fungus clears the infection in less than 24 hours and prevents it from surfacing ever again. Unfortunately, that cure does not exist, but ZetaClear is not that far from it. This natural medicine cures onychomycosis efficiently in less than three months. Considering that the average fungal infection lasts for six months even when it is treated with antibiotics, 90 days of painless ZetaClear treatment seem much more appealing.

The ZetaClear effect on fungus

Onychomycosis is a bacterial infection that your immune system cannot fight off without a potent remedy. Fungus advances quicker than your cells manage to regenerate, which means that you cannot hope for the condition to just go away by itself. You need to feed your body with the right anti-inflammatory substances to regain your full health.

Almost 30% of the adult population suffers from a mild fungal infection at some point in their lives.

ZetaClear puts a stop to the advancing fungi from the very first day of treatment. The topical solution acts as a barrier that borders the infection and slowly but steadily kills the bacteria. In complementary fashion, the oral spray fuels the self-curing power of your body with precious nutrients and vitamins that accelerate the healing process.

In most cases, ZetaClear produces visible results after a single week of use.

Depigmentation of your nails is normal when you suffer from onychomycosis. It is a natural reaction signaling your attention that bacteria have breached your immune system. If you choose to ignore this sign, you might pay a high price: the loss of your nails.

A much better solution is to use ZetaClear as a natural restoring agent of your well-being. Consistent treatment strengthens the nail bed and gets rid of the fungus before it spreads to your other fingers or toes.

What is ZetaClear made of?

The secret to curing toenail fungus quickly and without adverse side effects is to use a natural remedy, free of any synthetic substances. With ZetaClear you can tick the box for guaranteed safety. This solution for onychomycosis is composed of organic ingredients only, most of which have been extracted from plants and herbs with potent anti-inflammatory properties.

ZetaClear ingredients image

Here is a short list of the main ingredients in ZetaClear:

Tea Tree Oil

This is an essence that is renowned worldwide for its potent anti-fungal properties. Its inclusion in ZetaClear is a clear sign of the treatment's efficiency in treating onychomycosis permanently.

Almond Oil

Almonds are packed with healthy oils and antioxidants. The concentrated essence included in ZetaClear protects the foot from the expanding infection, and it offers a soothing relief from the itching sensation.

Antimonium Crudum 200C

Daily use of the ZetaClear oral spray strengthens your immune system and helps you recover faster from your infection. This remedial action is partly due to Antimonium Crudum – a natural substance with high anti-inflammatory properties.

Clove Oil extract

To prevent the infection from resurfacing, you need to continue the ZetaClear treatment long after you have regained your well-being. The oil extracted from cloves will protect the previously infected area through its highly nutritious action and its composition rich in antioxidants.

Nitricum Acidum 30C

This is a substance with anti-fungal properties that produces a direct attack on the invading bacteria and prevents it from entering the deeper layers of the skin. Its inclusion in ZetaClear has the role to treat and protect the area around the nail, while the nail bed is being cured by the other dominant substances in the product.

Thuja Occidentalis 200C

When it comes to germ killers, it's hard to find a better substance than Thuja. This natural compound prevents the fungi from reproducing and relieves the pain caused by onychomycosis.

Jojoba Oil

The Jojoba plant and the essences obtained from it have long been used to treat skin inflammations and nail fungus. Its rich composition of antioxidants and vitamins offers a quick relief from the burning sensation and a rapid curing effect.

Mancinella 30C

Among the many remedies that form ZetaClear, Mancinella plays a critical part. This natural compound deflates the swollen skin around the nail bed and gets rid of the redness on your toes.

Vitamin E Oil

ZetaClear could not have been complete without the robust curing action of vitamin E oil. This natural substance is a shelf life enhancer used in most medical products. Its role is to maintain active all the other ingredients and prolong the usefulness of this powerful remedy for onychomycosis.

What ZetaClear Users have to say

By helping 85% of the patients to regain the natural color of their nails in less than a month of treatment ZetaClear has established a new record in the field of anti-fungal remedies. It comes as no surprise why customers rate it as the no.1 cure for toenail fungus on the market.

The morale-boosting effect of ZetaClear

Toenail fungus is a medical condition that few people like to admit of ever suffering from it. Most of the time, patients are too embarrassed to admit that their feet have become infected with bacteria commonly associated with filth.

Mary Jo of Austin, Texas can surely relate to this feeling:

“I had toenail fungus for more than two years. My condition had reached a point where I had to sleep with my socks on, and not remove them even in front of my husband. I was living a nightmare before I found ZetaClear. My dermatologist suggested I use it, and after less than three months my feet were clean and shiny again, with no trace of infection around.”

ZetaClear saves more than just your nails

Onychomycosis can infect your nails when you least expect it. A sudden depigmentation of your toenails coupled with an inflated skin, and a foul odor can ruin your plans and your confidence, as Stephen from London, UK puts it in his review:

“I noticed my toenail turning yellow and the skin around it itchy one April night while getting out of the shower. I immediately realized that I had contracted an infection which could trouble me for months. With seven weeks before my wife and I had to go on holiday to the sunny beaches of Spain, it seemed like the worst thing that could happen. Fortunately, I discovered the curing effects of ZetaClear after reading about it online. In less than a week my rash was gone, and so was the smell. Before we reached the golden sands in Malaga, my nails had already gained back their full health.”

ZetaClear is also a beauty product for your feet

Some mild forms of toenail fungus may infect your feet for years in a row, without displaying apparent signs. Slightly brittle nails, a bit of shredded skin and a passing rash are the only symptoms pointing at onychomycosis. This rare case happened to Jennifer from Montreal, Canada, who did not know she can enhance the beauty of her feet with ZetaClear:

"Before using ZetaClear, I thought it was perfectly normal to have a bit of redness on your toes. My nails were also thin and seemed easily breakable, but I did not know it was because of a fungal infection. After finding out about this product, I started using the oral spray and brushed my nails with the solution every night. In just a few weeks of using it, I noticed my toes were cleaner, the skin was firmer, and my nails were shinier than before. Thank you, ZetaClear."

Doctor studies on ZetaClear

Extensive medical research has proven the remarkable curing effect of ZetaClear. In fact, this remedy for onychomycosis was not released on the market until it had passed all the clinical tests that deemed it 100% safe for human use and consumption.

As thousands of user reviews have shown, treating nail fungus with Zeta Clear over an extended period has absolutely no side effects. This benefit can be traced to the unique blend of natural ingredients that compose both the oral spray and the topical solution.

ZetaClear is highly effective in treating all types of fungi that infect fingers and toes. However, as it is the rule with all kinds of medicine, you should first check the ingredients list, to make sure you are not allergic to one or more of the anti-inflammatory elements.

Why is ZetaClear better than other fungal removers?

The main difference between ZetaClear and the other remedies for toenail fungus available on the market is its rapid curing effect. It only takes a few weeks of treatment, and at most 90 days to experience a visible improvement of your condition.

Most of the cures for onychomycosis that you can find online or in pharmacies require at least six months of daily treatment. Some of them produce adverse side effects like redness, skin inflammation, nausea, headaches and even allergic reactions.

With an all-natural composition and approvals from both the FDA and esteemed dermatologists, ZetaClear is a safe and easy to use remedy for fungal infections that set the standard in the field of onychomycosis treatments.

Why you should choose ZetaClear to get rid of toenail fungus

It is time to kick toenail fungus out of your life!

No more should you have to suffer from itches, rashes, and redness on your skin! Your nails must recover their natural color, firmness, and shine. You must feel free and confident of staying barefoot in the company of other people. And you must obtain a lifetime protection against all forms of fungal infections.

All of these benefits are just a healthy and rational decision away: to use ZetaClear against toenail fungus.

Onychomycosis will not go away on its own, and you should not leave the well-being of your feet to deteriorate. Wearing socks all summer long, at the beach or even during sex have to become forced habits of the past. You can make it happen by using ZetaClear on a daily basis to recapture the full health of your nails.

You can even use this remedy for fungal infections long after you have cleared your nails and toes of bacteria. Its highly nutritious action will keep you protected against further inflammations, and it will enhance the strength of your nails and the beauty of your feet.

It is time to stop the itch! It is time to choose health! It is time to use ZetaClear!